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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BL35p OSD Mass Storage Drivers

After fighting with an OSD Deployment of an HP Bl35p G1 blade, I've finally come up with the solution that didn't end with a STOP 7B error.

I couldn't find drivers for the IDE controller, and for some reason Windows wanted them during mini-setup. I would have expected the standard IDE drivers to work, but it didn't.

Here is the solution that I used:
  1. Download the drivers from AMD.Com. I used the Windows XP drivers.
  2. Extract the necessary files from the zip and put them in a directory. The driver files are AMDEIDE.CAT, AMDEIDE.INF, and AMDEIDE.SYS.
  3. Create a new text file in this directory and call it TXTSETUP.OEM. Insert the text from below into this file.
  4. Import the drivers into SCCM
  5. Assign the imported drivers to a driver package. Don't forget to replicate to your Distribution points!
  6. Edit your task sequence and add an 'Apply Driver Package'. Choose the driver package you created (and replicated!!) and select the driver AMD-756 PCI Bus Master IDE Controller Vx.xx. Then choose the model AMD-8111 PCI Bus Master IDE Controller.
  7. Kick of the OSD build and you should be all set!

; Copyright 2003, AMD Corporation
; Version 8.12


; diskN = "description", tagfile, directory

disk1 = "Installation Disk for AMD IDE Controller", amdeide.sys, \


; component = ID

scsi = amdbusdr


; ID = "description"

primary = "AMD IDE Channel(Primary/Secondary)"
amdbusdr = "AMD-8111 PCI Bus Master IDE Controller"


; filetype = diskN, filename[, DriverKey]

driver = disk1, amdeide.sys, amdeide
inf = disk1, amdeide.inf
catalog = disk1,

driver = disk1, amdbusdr.sys, amdbusdr
inf = disk1, amdeide.inf
catalog = disk1,
dll = disk1, amdideco.dll



; value = subkey_name, value_name, value_type, value

; Add the service key

value = Parameters\PnpInterface, 1 ,REG_DWORD, 1

; Add our control parameters
value = Parameters\AMD,OutputDevice,REG_DWORD,10
value = Parameters\AMD,PostCard,REG_DWORD,80
value = Parameters\AMD,SeverityLevel,REG_DWORD,3
value = Parameters\AMD,NumSupported,REG_DWORD,5
value = Parameters\AMD,Vendor0,REG_DWORD,1022
value = Parameters\AMD,Device0,REG_DWORD,7401
value = Parameters\AMD,Vendor1,REG_DWORD,1022
value = Parameters\AMD,Device1,REG_DWORD,7409
value = Parameters\AMD,Vendor2,REG_DWORD,1022
value = Parameters\AMD,Device2,REG_DWORD,7411
value = Parameters\AMD,Vendor3,REG_DWORD,1022
value = Parameters\AMD,Device3,REG_DWORD,7441
value = Parameters\AMD,Vendor4,REG_DWORD,1022
value = Parameters\AMD,Device4,REG_DWORD,7469
value = Parameters\Device,ScsiDebug,REG_DWORD,3

; Add the service key
value = "", tag, REG_DWORD, 1
value = "", ErrorControl, REG_DWORD, 1
value = "", Group, REG_SZ, "System Bus Extender"
value = "", Start, REG_DWORD, 0
value = "", Type, REG_DWORD, 1

id = "PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_7469","amdbusdr"

id = "Amd","amdeide"