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Thursday, January 16, 2014

OSD : Apply updates to your WIMs to speed up patching

When deploying an operating system using OSD, you might notice that Software Updates are starting to take a long time to apply, slowing down your image deployment (you are doing Software Updates in your task sequence, right!).  You can speed this up by injecting the updates into your WIM to get your machines ready for production much faster!

If you are using a WIM that has multiple Operating Systems inside of it, the update will be performed on ALL of them.  Keep this in mind when using install.wim from the Windows Installation Media!


  • Fully functioning Configuration Manager implementation
  • Fully functioning OSD implementation
  • Fully functioning Software Updates implementation


  1. Open the Configuration Manager console and navigate to the Operating System Images.
  2. Right click on the Image that you wish to update and choose Schedule Updates.

  3. Select the update that you wish to apply to this WIM

  4. Configure when the image should be updated and choose your distribution options

  5. The summary screen is displayed.  Review it for errors and click next to move on.
  6. The Status Screen will be displayed.  Review it and make sure everything looks good.

What Happens Now:

At this point, configuration manager will wait until the scheduled date and time you specified in the schedule. If you chose to apply the updates As soon as possible, the following process will happen almost immediately.  Otherwise, once the date/time has been reached, it will execute these steps:
  1. Copy the WIM locally
  2. Mount the WIM to a temporary location
  3. Inject the updates, if applicable, into the WIM
  4. Close the WIM
  5. Update the WIM source
  6. OPTIONAL: Update the WIM on your distribution points
You can monitor this processing using the OfflineServicingMgr.log on your site server.  It will provide rather in depth details of what stage the operation is in, including what updates are being applied (or skipped).