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Monday, January 27, 2014

XenApp Servers stop processing Citrix Group Policy

I rely heavily on Group Policy Objects to configure my servers.  It helps keep things automated and standard, which is very important for XenApp/Terminal Server Administrators.

Recently, I've come across a problem that left me scratching my head.  I have a couple of servers that are getting Microsoft Group Policy Updates, and I have verified that they are updating correctly, but they are not processing Citrix Group Policies.

It appears that some corruption can cause this to occur.  It's a really easy fix.

To see if you are experiencing the problem, take a peek in the folder C:\ProgramData\Citrix\GroupPolicy.  There are a couple of files in here that we want to examine.  They're called Rollback.gpf and Rsop.gpf.  If the files are 0 KB, then you may be experiencing some corruption that we can clear up.

The image below shows a server that I was working on that doesn't seem to be getting Citrix group policy updates.  Notice that the folders show policy from today (it's 1/27/2014), but the gpf files are both 0 KB and haven't been updated since March!

To fix it --  Delete everything in this folder.  You can back the settings up if you want, totally up to you (I did the first time, but I don't bother to do it now).  To help, here's an example after the files are deleted (I know, it's an empty folder, but I'm hoping it the visuals will help someone who is reluctant to delete all the folders and files)

Once you've deleted these files, open up regedit and browse to HKLM\Software\Policies.  Delete the Citrix key.  Again, backing up this key is totally up to you.



The final step is to refresh Group Policy using gpupdate /force.  Once this is complete, check the size of the  GPF files.  You should see that they are much bigger no longer 0 KB.

NOTE: Your GPF files won't be this exact size